Naot Sandals

The best types of shoes for daily wear or travel offer practicality and comfort. They have just the right amount of ornaments and material that allows for the intended styling. These sandals could also have various colors; you can switch up for different wears. Every woman who dreams of these particular combinations will find sense in buying Naot sandals from Shoooz.

What are Naot sandals?

Comfort lovers from around the world have a lasting fascination with Naot women sandals, for approximately seven decades. The brand started as a small single room business in 1942, and later grew to manufacture and export shows around the world. The brand has a large following in the United States because of the following factors.

Why do people love our Naot sandals?


Sandals and shoes from Naot offer plenty of support because they have a couple of straps around the foot and probably one on the ankle. You can remove and strap them with ease; hence they make the best choice for travel. The sandal has a very comfortable inner sole that offers optimal comfort for your arch. The show provides support between the foot and the ground, allowing the wearer to maintain stability for different surfaces throughout the day.


Most women will consider the shoe’s design before they analyze the function. Our Naot sandals have a variety of colors and hardware detail that is chic for many different attires. You can wear the shoes non-stop for months without a problem that will be a massive clash with the outfit of the day. Similarly, you can switch them between your touristic weekends and a regular hangout session with friends in the evening.


The brand has several different types of shoes for many different occasions and aesthetics preferences. Here are a few women's Naot sandals you can get from Shooz on Park Ave.

  • Naot Kirei – They have a sporty, sophisticated look for travel and everyday wear
  • Naot Rongo – The sandal is complimentary for casual looks and has optimum breathability with several geometric cutouts
  • Naot Ashley – The shoe has a gorgeous shine and leather finishing that gives effortless elegance.
  • Naot Dorith – It has the most versatile style for formal and casual events.


Do you realize the importance of having comfortable footwear for different seasons? People with wide feet will enjoy a tight and comfortable fit, just like one with a smaller fitting. The shows stretch out to have a fantastic fit for the best working comfort.

Naot shoes have a natural blend of latex and cork. The custom mix offers a flexible and durable fit that is resistant to shock while providing cushioning and softness. The therapeutic footbed allows the toes foot sole to sink into the shoe without compromising the sole’s properties. The general requirement is that Naot shoes are best for narrow to wide feet. You can browse our site and use the European-sizing guide to choose the best fit.

Where can you buy authentic Naot sandals?

Naot shoes from Shoooz are worth every penny because you have the guarantee of satisfaction no matter the variation you choose. Check out our store for many more Naot shoes and sandals options and call us on (407) 647-0110 for detailed buying guidelines.