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Providing luxury comfort footwear from around the world since 1998.

Our Collections

Andre Assous Collection

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Andre Assous Nice B SandalAndre Assous Nice Beige Linen Sandal
Andre Assous Novalee Pewter SandalAndre Assous Novalee Pewter Sandal
Andre Assous Nice Navy SandalAndre Assous Nice Navy Sandal
Andre Assous Nice Red SandalAndre Assous Nice Red Sandal
Andre Assous Nice Beige SandalAndre Assous Nice Beige Sandal
Andre Assous Clemi Sandal
Andre Assous Novalee White/Metal SandalAndre Assous Novalee White/Metal Sandal
Andre Assous Novalee Taupe SandalAndre Assous Novalee Taupe Sandal
Andre Assous Nice White SandalAndre Assous Nice White Sandal
Andre Assous Nice Black SandalAndre Assous Nice Black Sandal

Arcopédico Collection

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Arcopedico 1151 LS ShoeArcopedico 1151 LS Shoe
Arcopedico Style L2 4111 ShoeArcopedico Style L2 4111 Shoe
Arcopedico Style 4284 LuanaArcopedico Style 4284 Luana
Arcopedico Style 1521 Net 3Arcopedico Style 1521 Net 3

BeautiFeel Collection

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Save 50%
Varin Black Suede PumpVarin Black Suede Pump
Save 49%
Tallie SandalTallie Sandal
BeautiFeel Sage SneakerBeautiFeel Sage Sneaker
Elsie SandalElsie Sandal
Aline Black SuedeAline Black Suede
BeautiFeel Ofelia Tailored SandalBeautiFeel Ofelia Tailored Sandal
BeautiFeel Phyllis SandalBeautiFeel Phyllis Sandal
Zhuri Suede SneakerZhuri Suede Sneaker
Sunny Black Dress SaldalSunny Black Dress Saldal
Shelby Black Dress SandalShelby Black Dress Sandal
Saoirse Dress FlatSaoirse Dress Flat
Peppa SandalPeppa Sandal
Mystique Dress PumpBeautiFeel Mystique Dress Pump
Musa Black SandalMusa Black Sandal
Kat Dress SandalKat Dress Sandal
Save 49%
Jolie LoaferJolie Loafer
Save 50%
Iris Black Suede LoaferIris Black Suede Loafer
Chloe Black Suede LoaferChloe Black Suede Loafer
Alexa Black Suede BootieAlexa Black Suede Bootie

Birkenstock Collection

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Birkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor White SandalBirkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor White Sandal
Birkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor Black SandalBirkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor Black Sandal
Birkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor Silver SandalBirkenstock Mayari Birko-Flor Silver Sandal
Birkenstock Mayari Birkibuck Stone SandalBirkenstock Mayari Birkibuck Stone Sandal
Birkenstock Mayari Birkibuck Mocha SandalBirkenstock Mayari Birkibuck Mocha Sandal
Save 30%
Birkenstock Gizeh Golden Brown Leather - Toe Thong - NarrowBirkenstock Gizeh Golden Brown Leather - Toe Thong - Narrow
Birkenstock Yara Habana
Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor White SFBBirkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor White
Birkenstock Arizona Copper SFB - NarrowBirkenstock Arizona Copper SFB - Narrow
Birkenstock Arizona Copper SFBBirkenstock Arizona Copper SFB
Birkenstock Arizona Taupe SFB SandalBirkenstock Arizona Taupe SFB Sandal
Birkenstock Arizona Habana SFB SandalBirkenstock Arizona Habana SFB Sandal

Gabor Collection

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Gabor Thick Ribbon Silk/Beige SneakerGabor Thick Ribbon Silk/Beige Sneaker
Gabor Thick Ribbon Black SneakerGabor Thick Ribbon Black Sneaker
Gabor Thick Ribbon White SneakerGabor Thick Ribbon White Sneaker

L'Amour Des Pieds Collection

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L'Amour Des Pieds OniellaL'Amour Des Pieds Oniella
L'Amour Des Pieds HadiratL'Amour Des Pieds Hadirat
Save 50%
L'Amour Des Pieds Finleigh
L'Amour Des Pieds AmichaiL'AmourDesPieds Amichai
L'Amour Des Pieds ZohndraL'Amour Des Pieds Zohndra
L'Amour Des Pieds YerushaL'Amour Des Pieds Yerusha
L'Amour Des Pieds YeminaL'Amour Des Pieds Yemina
L'Amour Des Pieds VillapapaveroL'Amour Des Pieds Villapapavero
L'Amour Des Pieds VerdunL'Amour Des Pieds Verdun
Save 35%
L'Amour Des Pieds StazzemaL'Amour Des Pieds Stazzema
Save 30%
L'Amour Des Pieds OrvaL'Amour Des Pieds Orva
Save 50%
L'Amour Des Pieds OlesiaL'Amour Des Pieds Olesia
L'Amour Des Pieds OdettaL'Amour Des Pieds Odetta
L'Amour Des Pieds OanezL'Amour Des Pieds Oanez
L'Amour Des Pieds HimarL'Amour Des Pieds Himar
L'AmourDesPieds CorrezeL'AmourDesPieds Correze
L'AmourDesPieds BrennL'AmourDesPieds Brenn
L'AmourDesPieds BaneL'AmourDesPieds Bane
L'Amour Des Pieds AmadourL'AmourDesPieds Amadour
Save 50%
L'AmourDesPieds  AllyssaL'AmourDesPieds  Allyssa
Save 25%
L'AmourDesPieds  AdelaisL'AmourDesPieds  Adelais

Mephisto Collection

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Mephisto Nalia SandelMephisto Nalia Sandel
Mephisto Solaine SandelMephisto Solaine Sandel
Mephisto Lyla SandelMephisto Lyla Sandel
Mephisto Liviane SandelMephisto Liviane Sandel
Mephisto Lise SandalMephisto Lise Sandal
Mephisto Helisa SandalMephisto Helisa Sandal
Mephisto NattyMephisto Natty
Mephisto LissandraMephisto Lissandra

Naot Collection

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Naot Fiord       Men Sizes  (Fjord)Naot Fiord       Men Sizes  (Fjord)
Naot RoxanaNaot Roxana
Naot Roxana
Naot PortiaNaot Portia
Naot MicheleNaot Michele
Naot CheerNaot Cheer
Naot Cheer
Naot AbbieNaot Abbie
Naot Abbie
Naot Chief         Men's sizesNaot Chief         Men's sizes
Naot Chief
Naot Mikael       Men SizesNaot Mikael       Men Sizes
Naot Mikael
Naot Eiger       Men SizesNaot Eiger       Men Sizes
Naot Andes     Men SizesNaot Andes     Men Sizes
Naot PixieNaot Pixie
Naot WandNaot Wand
Naot ProgressNaot Progress
Naot PapakiNaot Papaki
Naot Papaki
Naot OzNaot Oz
Naot LaloNaot Lalo
Naot Lalo
Naot KireiNaot Kirei
Naot KaylaNaot Kayla
Naot Kayla
Naot KamsinNaot Kamsin
Naot Kamsin
Naot KahikaNaot Kahika
Naot IntactNaot Intact
Naot InnovateNaot Innovate
Naot HikoiNaot Hikoi
Naot HeroNaot Hero
Naot HelmNaot Helm
Naot FrankieNaot Frankie
Naot FormalNaot Formal
Naot FionaNaot Fiona
Naot DorithNaot Dorith
Naot ContempoNaot Contempo
Naot AltheaNaot Althea
Naot AlbaAlba
Naot AdinaNaot Adina

Softwaves Collection

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Softwaves Hummingbird SneakerSoftwaves Hummingbird Sneaker
Softwaves Frog SneakerSoftwaves Frog Sneaker
Softwaves Python SneakerSoftwaves Python Sneaker
Softwaves Wedge SilverSoftwaves Wedge Silver
Softwaves Wedge NudeSoftwaves Wedge Nude
Soft Shoes Flowers SneakerSoft Shoes Flowers Sneaker

Taos Footwear Collection

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Taos Footwear Trulie SandalTaos Footwear Trulie Sandal
Taos Footwear Moc Star SneakersTaos Footwear Moc Star Sneakers
Taos Footwear Freedom SneakersTaos Footwear Freedom Sneakers

Toni Pons Collection

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Toni Pons Terra Espadrille Wedge SandalToni Pons Terra Espadrille Wedge Sandal
Toni Pons Sitges Espadrille Wedge SandalToni Pons Sitges Espadrille Wedge Sandal
Toni Pons Elgin-RK Slingback Espadrille
Toni Pons Terra-PA Espadrille WedgeToni Pons Terra-PA Espadrille Wedge
Toni Pons Ter Slingback EspadrilleToni Pons Ter Slingback Espadrille
Toni Pons Lugano Wedge EspadrilleToni Pons Lugano Wedge Espadrille
Toni Pons Teide-White SandalToni Pons Teide-White Sandal
Toni Pons Tania-SN Slingback Espadrille
Toni Pons Tania-RK Slingback EspadrilleToni Pons Tania-RK Slingback Espadrille
Toni Pons Terra-MT Espadrille Wedge
Toni Pons Noa Stone Espadrille SandalToni Pons Noa Stone Espadrille Sandal
Toni Pons Nantes Stripe SandalToni Pons Nantes Stripe Sandal
Toni Pons Estel-S Black EspadrilleToni Pons Estel-S Black Espadrille

Shoooz on Park Ave

Shoooz on Park Avenue is located on beautiful North Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. We have been in business since 1998 offering comfortable, beautiful shoes.

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Our Store Location

Shoooz on Park Ave

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 5:00PM

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Shoooz on Park Ave Providing Shoes in Winter Park

Shoooz on Park Ave has maintained a focus on providing fine shoes, fine selection, and fine service to Winter Park for over twenty-two years. Family-owned and operated, everyone at Shoooz has over fifty years of accumulated experience selling shoes in Winter Park.

Shoes are personal apparel. As much a fashionable choice as a healthy one. We are on our feet every day of our lives and the continued well-being of our physical health requires footwear that can bring us support and comfort without disregarding style and panache. Many big-box retailers sell hundreds of shoes without regard to the quality of their products.

But we’re different.

We are committed to only providing proven brands that have perfected style and comfort. Our loyal customers have been coming to us since 1998, trusting our expertise in style, comfort, and friendly service these past two decades.

When we decided to expand into the online space, we knew we had to translate that same dedication to service and quality to our online store. We landed on an ingenious solution to keep that integrity: To make it onto our online store every one of our shoes must be sold in our Winter Park store before it can be sold online. This assures satisfaction, because if it’s perfect for our dedicated customers, then it’s perfect for anyone, making us your best option for shoes in Winter Park!

Our Collections

The core of our online business are our collections. We have taken some of our best shoe brands and created an eclectic selection as a result. Each of our shoes in our online store hold the unique signature stylings of their respective brand, with varied technology, materials, and production–but every brand we sell is of high quality, supreme comfort, and rich design.

We sell a variety of espadrilles in our store. A famous form of summer footwear in Spain, the esparto jute insole provides a firm base with which to make durable, comfortable, and stylish footwear. Our Andres Assous collection provides expertly crafted espadrille sandals, wedges, and flip-flops (thongs). Many of Andres Assous shoes are handcrafted in Spain and it shows.

Andres Assous isn’t the only collection we have gathered together that contains espadrille footwear. Take a look at our Toni Pons collection. Toni Pons sandals and wedges are expertly crafted in the same espadrille style as Andres Assous, esparto jute, and all. Each of Toni Pons wedges and sandals is beautifully designed with fresh but simple styles directly inspired by their Spaniard origins.

The famed German sandal maker, Birkenstock joins our list of collections as well. Birkenstocks sandals are a marvel of German engineering, providing extremely durable and comfortable sandals for over one hundred years. Give our Birkenstock collection a look and you will see why the Birkenstock name holds so much clout.

If you look at our Arcopedico collection, you will see their world-famous knit shoes. These shoes provide ultimate flexibility and comfort, with its soft upper forming around the tops of your feet. Breathability and conformity are key for Arcopedico soft shoe.

The variety doesn’t stop with the previously mentioned collections but instead continues with our BeautiFeel. The design of each BeautiFeel shoe and sandal is one of breezy beauty, exhibiting simple fashion that allows your feet to breathe and your outfit to shine.

From Israel, we have our Naot collection, a beautiful array of styles, every one of them supremely comfortable. Naot sandals and shoes are crafted with an eye on comfortability with their insoles designed with cork and latex while lined with soft suede.

Last but not least is our Softwaves collection. Softwaves prides itself on its focus on innovative technologies. Every Softwave sneaker in our collection was made with a razor-sharp focus on comfortability and durability.

Shoooz on Park Ave

Fine shoes, fine selection, and fine service, this is what makes Shoooz on Park Ave. With over a half-century of experience and dedication, we here at Shoooz are dedicated to pairing you with the perfect pairs of shoes for you!

If you like what you see on our online and are in the area, pay us a visit! Every shoe in our online store is sold in-store as well and we are happy to help.

We are located on beautiful North Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. We have been in business since 1998 offering comfortable, beautiful shoes.

Let Shoooz on Park Ave be your one-stop-shop for fine footwear. Contact us today.